*NOTE* If you are an internet marketer or do not have a phisical business outside of the internet we will be more than happy to build you a website but please CLICK HERE & read this statement first.


When we first started Falcon Web Design we geared it towards creating websites for physical businesses. Recently we have expanded our client base to include anyone that would like a website. As a regular business practice we offer Search Engine Optimization with every website we build. Our SEO was designed to rank low competition keywords.

This means that if you are targeting high competition keywords we make no guarantee that you will achieve a high ranking from our SEO alone. We will optimize your website on page and apply any other white hat on page SEO you would like. We will build the foundation of your off page SEO using white hat techniques and if you wish guide you in further SEO.



Hello and welcome to Falcon Web Design of Bloomington, Indiana. We are a website design company based out of southern Indiana. We will build websites for almost any purpose no matter where you are, so feel free to contact us even if you are not located in Indiana.

At Falcon Web Design we integrate Photoshop design with almost every website. This sets us apart from other design companies because it allows us to create stunning graphic designs that people won’t forget. Other design companies use dull css styles, not us.

Not only will our website design company design your business website, we also cover the costs of extras including, the domain name, hosting and any cost that occurs from optimization. With every website, you are provided with regular updates, and we optimize the website for the search engines.

Ultimately your main goal is to have a website built for your company, but a website is a business tool. Like any business tool, a business website needs constant maintenance and updating. After all a business website is a great investment and can be one of the most powerful business tools you ever purchase.